What you do in balance is what you get in abundance

Ramsha Niaz – April 13, 2021

Have some of us ever wondered an easy way to get something worth our desire by not slogging and working hard? What could be the shortcut to enjoy and earn without struggling? We all live in a crazy, fast-paced world where you will not eat the cake easily. Not trying to scare you here, but just reassuring you how work-life matters to us and how it can fit our lives in many ways. 


Any job is a necessity because you need that money to live and trust me, surviving on a smaller income makes life more challenging. We aim to live in a palacios acres villa, drive a prestigious sports car, go on a vacation every occasion. So…how will we get all this? A simple change in your work ethic – commitment and dedication. 


Let me analogise the subject to illustrate the importance.


During our uni days, every lecture we attended would be marked as an attendance. Lecturers call out our names till we scream, “Yes ma’am”, “Present sir” and then keep a record of that attendance in their database. If at all we miss one lecture, we are marked absent and that deducts the percentage of the overall attendance. Continuously bunking lectures results in low attendance and being barred from sitting the exam. Once we graduate, we either work as an intern or a full-time employee. We need to make sure we report to the office every day on dot, scanning our fingers on the biometric machine, and performing well to bag ourselves a bonus and save up that money. If any employee fails to show up to work, fails to meet team requirements, arrives late for any important meeting, then you know the answer – salary deduction. All those dreams of treating your friends out on a casual outing, racking up the transport and house allowance need to be re-budgeted. If we invest the right amount of time and energy, then our hard work and passion will scream ‘accomplishment’. 


To derive a feeling of achievement, always treat work as the purpose for creation, self-expression, and service. Make it so purposeful that it steals the spotlight away from everything else. 


Focus on that one thing you are aiming for, by enjoying what you do. This way you will get the financial rewards by not sacrificing so many hours of a job that you really don’t enjoy. 


Another element to factor in is when you work and earn, you receive  amplifying respect. Work being about survival sounds better than trying to gain more status. There are people out there who hide their desire for respect under many stories about work. In most cases, the only way to unmask someone’s true potential is to see how capable they are in doing their designated work. When they turn down options with greater financial reward and greater status, people would clearly prioritise receiving respect over money. Does this not mean that money is not important? 

It is important, however, true respect paid off from serious work is as rewarding as filling your stomach with your favourite food. 
In summary,