What colors are your thoughts?

Dana Natour – April 27, 2021


As the struggle of adjusting to the “new normal” of a global pandemic endures, the question of mental health remains unanswered. In times of ambiguity, we are so focused on clearing the fog that we neglect to take care of our minds. In the midst of a major health care crisis, rising death rates, and various other horrifying events, mental health care seems exceedingly trivial, almost insignificant. We downplay our inner struggles and debunk our grievances in what we believe is the recognition of something more important. However, this cannot be farther from the truth, as the more we neglect our personal wellbeing, the more we decrease our ability to remain useful to the difficulties that face us. Remaining clear headed and maintaining a healthy mind is not only useful, but absolutely necessary considering the nature of the situation we are currently living through. The ability to remain positive and optimistic in times like these is a gift, and will also become a source of positivity and a light in the darkness for those who surround us.

So, what exactly is it about the “new normal” that seems to take such a heavy toll on our minds? Is it the confiscation of our freedom? The abrupt disruption of our daily routines? Or is it the instilled fear of catching the virus? The anguish that consumes us when we think of our elderly and the physically weak? Or is it the inability to quench our thirsts for regular human interactions, gatherings, and physical touch?

All these questions present valid points as to why the pandemic can be so tough on us. However, when we cut down to the chase, they all have one thing in common: they are unfamiliar. The unknown scares us, and our minds generally take change negatively, especially if it is sudden. The rise of a deadly virus is by no means anything less than horrifying. However, there is no doubt that we can learn to take things a little less gravely and take a more optimistic stance towards the situation that presents itself to us.

The key is to adapt. We have to learn to adapt to our new routines, and train our brains to perceive things in a positive manner, regardless of the nature of the situation. I often refer to the nature of my mindset in terms of color. My mind is dulled with a gloomy grey and black when I’m pessimistic. When I am feeling my best, my thoughts are colorful, ablaze, and sprinkled with glitter. My pessimism allows even the best of news to get swallowed up by the greyness of my thoughts. When I am feeling the latter, the grey news is brightened by the optimism of my mood. The confiscation of freedom I referred to earlier transforms into a time where I can slow down, relax, and do other hobbies I’ve never had the time to do. The longing for my loved ones turns into an excitement knowing that our next encounter will be all the more special. Things we took for granted are now appreciated and missed, and we are reminded of our blessings that we have long gotten used to.

So, my question to all of you is, what colors are your thoughts? Are they floating in a bleak abyss of greyness, or are they shining in an iridescent cocktail of positivity, ready to ingest any hint of gloominess that may find its way into your life. 


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