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Regardless of what your kids want to grow up to be, you want to give them the best opportunities and put them at the forefront, but you also have a professional life and you’re a bit busy growing it as well. This is were we come in to help. Our team works full time to develop, grow and open the best professional opportunities for your kids.

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We work with your children throughout several areas and phases to ensure a successful growth to accomplish the right milestones at the right times. Discover below the different areas of work:

Talent Management
Industry Mentor
Personal Branding
PR & Media
Life Skills Lab
Growth Community

Industry Mentors

Placing your child at the edge of their field. Elevate your child’s skills to the top 1%

The real hacks and tricks to achieve success in any industry are not found in books or traditional courses. This is the best way to accelerate experience and acquire the skills that actually matter. Each child is assigned to an industry professional working with leading companies who has already achieve a level of success. Their work will be to elevate your child’s potential, pushing them forward and creating professional challenges to get them out of their comfort zone. 

Talent Management

Creating partnerships, signing deals, getting them in-front of investors, companies, clients and much more.

Think of this as a business developer for your child. This is the segment where we place your children in strategic opportunities, creating partnerships, signing deals, getting them in-front of investors, companies, clients and much more. This is a crucial phase where you’ll start to see your child transforming their skills and talents into a growing monetizable value and you’ll notice the start of something big being built.  

Personal Branding

Establishing the identity and brand for industry positioning and growth

In a competitive world with a lot of people with similar skills and qualifications, personal branding is critical to set your children apart from the noise. 

In this segment, we work to establish the identity and brand of your child. From their presence on social media platforms, physical involvement and their overall style of talent. 

PR & Media

Letting the world know the talents of your children. The right exposure fuels further opportunities. 

A company will struggle if no marketing exists. Same with individuals. You can have the best skills in the world and create the most cutting edge projects ever, but if the public doesn’t notice you, someone else will eventually grasp the opportunity. In this phase, we work to highlight on the achievements of your child and make sure that the world knows about them. Placing them in-front of media outlets, blogs, podcasts and much more. This exposure fuels further collaborations, opportunities and overall character growth. 

Life Skills Lab

Growing with a healthy mind, body and critical life skills that sustains the right mindset 

With professional growth, we have to ensure that your child is acquiring relevant life skills along the way that. This is a training lab that focuses on numerous areas that include understanding & managing money, perseverance, effective habits, healthy mind & body, cognitive development, public confidence, social intelligence and much more.  

Growth Community

Surrounding your kids with other ambitious and driven exclusive community of their age.

You don’t want your kids to hang out around individuals with limited ambitions this de-motivates them and drives them to unwanted paths. Instead, we have an incredible community of young individuals who are chasing bigger dreams and hustling to achieve exciting and big goals who are similar to your children’s age. This exclusive community will meet frequently, share ideas, stories, achievements and most importantly inspire/motivate each other to grow bigger and stronger together. This positive social and energetic involvement puts them in the right mental/social state ready to achieve the next milestone! 


Each child is different. Their characters, minds and goals. We scientifically study all these elements to create the best plan for your child’s roadmap for success. 

Have peace of mind that your kids will be at the top by working with the best in the industry.

Our team consists of a wide range of expertise ranging from industry professionals, talent managers, health experts, psychologists, neuroscientists to growth hackers and more.

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