Blockchain Management – Cohort III


Congratulations! Receiving this link means that you’ve been selected to be among the 25 young professionals joining the program from all over the world.

Start date: January 9, 2023
Program duration: 6 months


Blockchain Management is a six months immersive experience working alongside leading experts & firms on real projects while acquiring the most in-demand skills.
You will be working directly with teams from Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Decentraland and through a transformational experience to give you all what it takes to succeed in the crypto world.
The program tuition covers:

  • The full 6 months of hands-on and project based sessions
  • Access to all program modules including: Blockchain Fundamentals, Data Analytics for Crypto, Blockchain Business Development, Growth Marketing, Community & Ecosystem Building, Economics of Crypto, Regulations and Governance.
  • Access to the video recordings of the sessions in case of session absence.
  • Access to a channel that includes a network of global professionals and experts from several companies and countries around the world.
  • One-to-one meetings with strategic professionals in companies/fields to help reach your professional goals
  • Graduation in New York city – Excluding airline tickets & accommodation
  • Support, help and guidance before and throughout the entire program
  • Personalised career guidance sessions
  • Blockchain Management Certificate with a unique ID that recruiters can verify.