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Rakshita Jotangia – May 24, 2021

During some points in life, we do tend to wonder as to what we have done so far. What has life brought us to? What have we achieved so far? Have I helped the community or my family in any way?


Many people during this pandemic have become famous for almost anything. It could be memes, TikTok, Instagram Reels or even cooking from home. Being famous or being recognized does not need any super magic plan, all it needs is the 5 points to always remember in life.


1)    Do not look for shortcuts

Every person has a mentality of getting rich quickly. In order to do so, they do it through shortcuts. This could be by going through the lottery stalls, through investing in many places to see where the luck works or even through fraud ways. There are simply no shortcuts that will lead you to the path of success. If you want to achieve a goal, then go for it. Make a full proof plan. Do research for the market or the type of customers that will be tempted to buy your product or enter your market. 


2)    Learn from the best

Whatever you are planning to do at this point, experts are already in the field. Anything that you want to work on or build upon, it has already been achieved by other people by any form. All you have to do is seek out and research from the people in the specific field and learn from them. It can be through any medium, through the internet, in person, reading their books or even through people who are fond of the owner of the idea. 


3)    Create a community of friends 

When you commit to your life, you need to establish new social norms for yourself. Find people who are working towards what you want to achieve and make new friends. Spend lots of time with those people and become part of that culture they endure. Why do you commute 45 minutes every day? Why do you put up with working in a cubicle? Why do you accept being chronically out of shape? You probably don’t have a good answer other than, “that’s what everybody else does” or “I didn’t know there was another way to live.”


4)    Measure your progress 

 People nowadays take on trends such as diet plans, learning skills and gym training by searching online. In order to keep your progress, measure things you can control and what leads you to the results that you want. 


5)    Succeed by helping other succeed 

 Helping others ensure that your products and services will have demand as it can be used to the advantage of market research. Nowadays, if you choose the right people, they do come in hand to help. People are likely to help you if you help them in return, that is how our century now works. Additionally, helping people who are in need and the appreciation you receive once you help them means a ton and makes you feel exactly that you are in a good place in life now. 


 You owe it to yourself to live the life you know deep down you were meant to fulfill. Also never give up, always motivate yourself to achieve even greater heights! 



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