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By becoming a partner, your students and faculty will get the opportunity to join us every week in a live class with a world expert discussing one topic. Here’s the best part, It’s not a lecture or a recorded video, it’s a live interactive discussion where students and professors get to learn, ask and network with global professionals in their field while opening endless opportunities for a successful future post graduation from your university!

Don’t be limited by local experts with local expertise.
Provide your students the opportunity to acquire knowledge from professionals all around the world! 

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Throughout our sessions, we go over the most advanced topics in the automotive and mobility field. We explore new technologies as they’re being invented, we discuss current challenges and key opportunities students might pursue!

Reverse engineer the job market.
Connect with global companies to know emerging technologies and what skills are in high demand to focus your time, effort and resources into graduating students who will lead their field. 

We know it takes a long time to add new courses, majors and programs into your department.  Students shouldn’t wait till the next semester to acquire new innovations in the real world, by then, newer technologies would have been developed. Instead of being always a semester or a year behind where the world is at, You become weekly involved with human kind’s most advanced development. This widens students minds which allows them to come up with much bigger and meaningful projects and puts them on a successful professional track

Demand could be up to six times more than the expected number of graduates in the field of autonomous vehicles in the next 8 years

Reported by Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Revealing the next 5 years

through the following topics

Students pursuing the following majors get the most value:

Automotive engineering
Mechanical engineering
Mechatronics engineering
Electrical engineering
Computer engineering
Any other similar majors

Each session focuses on one topic within the mobility industry.

Autonomous vehicles

The next 5 years will witness a revolution in mobility as autonomous vehicles take over day after day.  Millions of jobs will be created to change how we transport forever while reducing time, cost and saving millions of lives.

Personal air vehicles

With road traffic becoming a global challenge, engineers are heading towards air transport by creating affordable, safe and convenient air vehicles.

Breakthroughs in hardware & sensors

Fast advancement in AI and software is demanding more precise sensors and actuators. From LiDARs, cameras, propellers to revolutionary battery technologies and more. This topic talks about latest development and innovation in the hardware field.

Mapping and simulations

Self driving cars become safer and more intelligent when provided with accurate positioning, precise maps and loads of training. Thus we crucially need development in advanced simulations and mapping technologies.

Micro mobility

We have seen a remarkable evolution of this new and popular service and the approach cities are taking to support sustainable mobility for all. Professionals expect them to shape the future of transportation in 2020 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence in mobility

Artificial intelligence is a key enabling technology to master the transition to highly-individualized, environmental-friendly and autonomous mobility systems.

Automotive design

Car styling is the pinnacle in the world of design. Technology has changed drastically the way we design objects during the past years to create a revolutionary concepts that highlights on the creativity, luxury and sustainability of our future vehicles

Building your first autonomous vehicle

Applying knowledge into a real project is the best way to learn and acquire skills. We will go through series of sessions with engineers to show how one can build their own DIY autonomous vehicle and test it in your city.

Much more
From sustainable mobility, electrification, underground roads, hyperloops, connectivity to market analysis and more

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Program starts in July 2020