London Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

Dates soon to be released

6 days

Age: 18+

Deadline to register

About this trip

We partnered with global companies and world experts to deliver a professional and life changing experience.
This trip is designed for students who are striving to ensure a successful future.
After this program, you’ll have created strategic connections, acquired needed skills and drew a milestone strategic plan to your professional career.

  • Exclusive visits to Google and Facebook to meet with the team, learn more about emerging technologies and how you can join a tech giant after graduation.

  • You have an idea for a startup? We’re going to have a workshop by world experts to acquire best strategies to turn your idea into a viable global business.

  • Discover what skills are in high demand and how you can acquire them.

  • Explore valuable Masters programs in London by visiting top universities and exploring new degrees
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Day 1

Discovering the latest programs and degrees offered by universities in the fields of entrepreneurship and technology

Day 2

Training session by one of the best accelerators in the world on how to transform your idea into a viable business.

Day 3

In the third day we will visit startups in London to explore latest innovations, challenges faced and lessons learned while building a startup.

Day 4

Visits and talks to investors and venture capitalists to explore how startups can attract funds and which key sectors are the main focus of investors now.

Day 5
Tech Giants

Tours in Google and Facebook, meeting executives, employees and knowing what skills they look for and how to apply to join Facebook or Google.

Day 6
Explore London

A free day in London to explore one of the smartest cities in the world and its diverse lifestyle.

Trip includes:

Price will be anounced soon

Let's get you on-board!
Once the coronavirus situation is over, the dates of the trip will be announced. Since there are limited seats, the ones who registered as interested will be contacted with further details first.

We strive to create global life changing experiences that inspires individuals and pushes them to leave a mark in this world.