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Gritnova gathers the best minds who are building the future of our planet. We work to form solid bonds between universities and the top companies in the world to provide programs that accelerate human innovations and empower the next generation of universities.

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For universities

Curriculum 4.0

Monthly micro conference dedicated to design new courses and degrees alongside world’s best experts. 

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For students

Global Campus

Annual Immersion programs taking place in Berlin, London & San Francisco in partnership with global companies 


For the industry

Weekly expert sessions

Weekly online class with a world class expert focusing on a cutting edge topic within an emerging field

For  universities

Curriculum 4.0

Each month we hold a micro conference under the title of “Curriculum 4.0” for university professors in the faculty of engineering to design new courses and degrees alongside world’s best experts. 

It’s crucial while developing new majors and courses to discuss them with global experts and companies who are recruiting for the next 5 years. The program helps professors reverse engineer the industry to integrate key methodologies and practices into their courses.

We know it takes a semester or a year to add new courses, majors and programs into your department. But it takes few days to radically transform an entire industry. 

With the extreme speed of advancements occurring in the world, universities need to adapt incredibly fast to equip students with the right skills. Companies are opening thousands of positions never seen before, and more skills are becoming redundant. We’re offering the platform for universities to be constantly updating and adding to their programs to graduate the most in-demand students who would take the hottest positions in the best companies worldwide.

For  students


Global immersions are travel courses where students travel to a new city for 10 days to be immersed in intensive workshops, networking, company visits, hackathons and experiences focused on one emerging field in the most relevant hubs around the world. 
Our upcoming travel courses are: 

Future of mobility in Berlin (In partnership with BMW, Daimler, Volocopter and more)

Advancements in AI & machine learning in San Francisco (In partnership with Google, Facebook, Microsoft..)

Leadership & Entrepreneurship in London (In partnership with Techstars, Founders Factory, Google and more…)

Weekly live panels with world experts

By becoming a partner, your students and faculty will get the opportunity to join us every week in a live class with a world expert discussing one topic. Here’s the best part, It’s not a lecture or a recorded video, it’s a live interactive discussion where students and professors get to learn, ask and network with global professionals in their field while opening endless opportunities for a successful future post graduation from your university!

Don’t be limited by local experts with local expertise.
Provide your students the opportunity to acquire knowledge from professionals all around the world!

The World changes everyday. Don’t let students lag behind.
Allow students to become weekly involved with the industry’s most advanced developments. This widens their minds which allows them to come up with much bigger and meaningful projects and puts them on a successful professional track. 

our tracks

The below tracks will be integrated in the school of engineering at your university. Students, professors and all of the department will leverage from global opportunities available. From meeting top executives and experts each week, participating in global projects to collaborating on a research project. Our partners are set provide a radically different and global experience in their department. 


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We power universities to leave their astounding mark in this world.

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