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February 26, 2021


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Sustainable AI for Architecture is a one year immersive experience working alongside leading architects & firms on real projects while acquiring the hottest in-demand skills. 

PROGRAM modules

This program consists of industry driven modules designed to give you a true immersive and character building experience while working on cutting edge projects.

Intro to Industry 4.0

First Semester (September – December)

We’re exploring a new world of possibilities for creating architectural solutions through the power of parametric design. 

Parametric design is a paradigm in design where the relationship between elements is used to manipulate and inform the design of complex geometries and structures. This module covers:

  • Cyber Physical systems

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Second & Third Semester (January – August)

  • Generative design leverages machine learning to mimic nature’s evolutionary approach to design.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) software and the compute power of the cloud, generative design enables engineers to create thousands of design options by simply defining their design problem – inputting basic parameters such as height, weight it must support, strength, and material options.

A few of the most forward-looking companies in the world, including Airbus, Under Armour and Stanley Black & Decker, are using generative design to solve engineering challenges and come up with design solutions that the human mind could never conceive on their own.

  • Understanding the different types of technologies
  • Creating the Digital Twin of your factory (Machine, process, supply chain)

Big Data Analytics

First & Second Semester (January – May)

Preparing for a sustainable future is at the forefront of many countries and companies’ goals for the next decade, and it’s making for some exciting design innovations. Sustainable architecture is geared towards creating functional buildings today that will continue to have a minimal environmental impact and a low energy usage. These environmentally conscious design techniques are paving the way for a whole new wave of sustainable architecture industry that will be looking for skilled designers ready to take on the new global challenges. Here are the main units covered in this module:

  • Defining the data and metrics to collect & monitor
  • Using the right sensors to monitor key data points
  • Pulling insights & trends.
  • Data driven decision making
  • Predictions

Advanced Industrial Automation/Robotics (Flexible Automation)

Second Semester

    • Biomimetic architecture is a multi-disciplinary scientific approach to sustainable design that goes beyond using nature as inspiration for aesthetics but rather deeply studying and applying construction principles that are found in natural environments and species.
  • Machine learning
  • Collaborative robots


Third Semester

Understanding brain stimulations and their repercussions is the cornerstone of user-centered design. Architects, together with psychologists & neuroscientists, capitalise on this knowledge to scale up buildings that promote holistic reciprocities.

Neuroarchitecture looks in to what an office, a school, a hospital, or a house should be like in order to make us feel the right emotions in specific places. It also goes to contribute to the overall mental & psychological well being

  • for business excellence / Financial Optimization
  • for operational excellence
  • Human/People manegement (Psychology)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Engineering risk management
  • Management of quality
  • Global lean & Agile operations

Cloud Manufacturing / Cloud computing

Third Semester


    • Right now, we’re at an inflection point in terms of how technology and the built environment are going to influence each other. Computation is becoming an essential design material, much like steel or glass. Technologies like sensors and actuators and tiny chips with incredible computational power are already being mixed into the built environment. While architecture is starting to move toward interaction design by integrating sensing into projects, interaction designers are pushing toward the same goal from the opposite direction. They’re moving interactivity off of traditional screens and into physical space.


  • Modular systems design
  • Machine Learning 
  • Digital Manufacturing / CAD

Digital Manufacturing

First Semester 

The world is changing. Socially. Economically. Environmentally. Politically. Extreme fluctuations in how people inhabit this earth are causing migration into city centers faster than ever before, and raising questions about how we better design our built environment to sustain that incredible growth. Cities are transforming in smart cities. A transformation led by architects shaping our next phase of how we as humans live and interact. In this module you will be equipped with the latest skills to contribute to this movement like: 

  • Smart Cities
  • Internet of Spaces
  • Big Data
  • Vertical Cities
  • Sustainable Mobility

Industry immersion trip to the UK

A 1 week professionally fun & memorable experience!

The program ends in an immersive one week trip to London where the students will meet, learn and network with leading architecture companies, visit creative studios, explore the most advanced fabrication labs, experience inspiring projects built and meet up with various companies who could be your next destination in your professional career! A week full of opportunities, networking and exploration that will have a lasting impact! 

Graduate in London

Among architecture industry leaders


The final day marks the graduation of the students from the program with a ceremony in the presence of experts, professionals and industry leaders to conclude the skill acquisition journey. The students will be presenting the projects done throughout the year in front of strategic company stakeholders. The ceremony ends with the distribution of certificates & awards by the panel.

Program Timeline

Commitment: 2-3 sessions per week after work/study hours (UK time).

Meet the experts!

Learn from award winning global experts who are advancing the field of architecture and shaping future cities & buildings

Will Campion

Sustainable Architecture
Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Campion founded and grew his practice while studying Architecture at the University of Bath and the University of Cambridge, eventually returning to tutor and lecture at each institution with the vision to create Sustainable Luxury Architecture. At the completion of his third award-winning project, Orchard House, Will Campion was only 25 years old. At this young age, Campion has won awards and worked at internationally acclaimed practices such as FCBS and BIG, amassing global experience on projects in New York City, London, Cambridge, Hong Kong, Orlando, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Riyadh.

Nicolas Turchi

Computational Designer
Zaha Hadid Architects

Nicolas Turchi is a designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, an Adjunct Professor in Computational and Parametric Design at the University of Bologna and the Polytechnic of Milan. Nicolas holds a Master in Architecture II from the Harvard Graduate School of Design

Before joining ZHA, he worked in several international firms including Peter Eisenman Architects, Xefirotarch, Mario Cucinella Architects and 5+1AA. Nicolas is particularly interested in emergent technologies

Lysandre Follet

Computational Design Director

Lysandre FOLLET is a recognized and leading Industrial Designer, Creative Technologist, Artist, Musician and Innovator.  

Over the last decade within Nike’s Innovation Design Studio, Lysandre has pioneered the use of Generative Design, incubating & building the industry’s first team of cutting-edge multidisciplinary creatives who focus on defining Nike’s future products and creative processes living at the intersection of design, digital craft, art, data and science, co-creating bespoke peak-performance products with the world’s best athletes.

Colin Mangham

Net Zero Accelerator | Biomimicry LA

Colin is a certified Biomimicry Specialist. He leads innovation and education initiatives with Biomimicry LA and its Biomimicry Labs. He serves as the Director of the Net Zero Accelerator, which applies U.S. Green Building Council best practices in commercializing cleantech innovation. He has also served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute.

Colin has guided global brands (generating over USD 500 million in revenues) and hundreds of entrepreneurs (securing over USD 75 million in funding) through birth, growth, and rebirth. 

Rachel Darakji

Urban Designer

An architect, urban designer, and master planner with experience in large scale master plans and existing urban developments in the Middle East. Experience in developing a planning framework that balances local requirements with international best practices. Rachel is a collaborative team player with excellent communication skills, work with diverse cultures and international teams.

David Green

Perkins & Will

David has helped shape cities in a number of different places. He sets progressive standards that create new global benchmarks – from individual sustainable buildings to national-scale plans. He is most excited when solving complex urban issues and he passionately shares his learnings. His greatest project successes are aspirational but ultimately achievable.


Jorge Sainz de Aja Curbelo

Computational design & Smart cities

Computational Design Specialist with a background in Architecture and Urban Design, holding a PhD about the application of computational methodologies for urban regeneration strategies. My present focus and interests lie in the application of Geo-computation techniques in R and Python in order to generate tools and web apps to influence the decision making process through spatial data analysis in Masterplanning and urban design.

Georgios Drakontaeidis

Computational Designer
Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Georgios Drakontaeidis is an Architect and computational designer based in London, currently working for Wilkinson Eyre Architects and an architectural roboticist at the Bartlett School of Architecture. 

His research explores how technology interacts and affects the way we design, make, and visualize our environment. Through his collaboration with designers and artists, he has developed top-notch skills that vary from complex geometrical modelling and 3d visualization to creative coding and architectural robotics.

Architecture is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. Be in-demand!

Computational Creativity Market To Hit US $2.788 Billion By 2028 - Adroit Market Research

The number of firms currently including computational designers within their teams is rapidly growing.

Personalized path

Here’s a rule of thumb to consider when choosing the right learning program:
If it’s not personalized, it’s not effective.

Each one of the 20 selected young candidate is different. You have different goals, characters, skills and mindsets. This is why our programs are limited to only 20 students per cohort. Each candidate that enrolls in the program has a personal path that is created and tracked by the experts. This makes the learning process much more effective and helps us open the right connections and opportunities for each one! 

Access a global network forever!

The value doesn’t end when you graduate. In fact, building a strategic network is what will actually open the right opportunities.

When you make it in the program, you’ll be benefiting forever. 
When the program ends, you’ll have access to our global experts network from leading companies in cities all over the world! 

Besides the network, you’ll be included in our global community and channels where we host events, share learnings and support each other to reach each one’s goals. Think of it as your everlasting learning community.

Access a global network forever!

The value doesn’t end when you graduate. In fact, building a strategic network is what will actually open the right opportunities.

When you make it in the program, you’ll be benefiting forever. 
When the program ends, you’ll have access to our global experts network from leading companies in cities all over the world! 

Besides the network, you’ll be included in our global community and channels where we host events, share learnings and support each other to reach each one’s goals. Think of it as your everlasting learning community.

we hope to see you among the 20 young architects joining us in a gloablly impactful experience!

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"I learned from this program more than I did in my university, and it was just from the past 2 months"
Rashid Al Suwaidi
Architecting the Future Alumni
"I really admire what you are doing here. It’s going to have a very positive impact"
David Green
Principal at Perkins & Will - New York
"I’m intrigued by the Gritnova model"
Steven Velegrinis
Head of Masterplanning at AECOM
"I've taught architecture before at the University of Cambridge and University of Bath, but teaching at Architecting the Future in Dubai has been the most gratifying experience. It was so rewarding to hear their great feedback! I'm glad I could inspire the next generation of the profession by helping them become more business literate to enable their architectural ambitions!"
Will Campion
Architectural Designer at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
"The support That I've received in this program is unlike any other program I've participated in; Gritnova has helped me establish valuable connections & resources that I will continue to leverage in my future career path"
Nada Ahmed
Student at AUS
“Meeting the recruiters and actually working personally with a real architect, really helped me see how different architecture works outside of the University. When I started the program and realized how important it was I talked about it with my friends and they also got very interested in joining the program"
Anika Koshy
Architecting the Future Alumni


Are you an Architecture student or a recent graduate eager to acquire the skills that companies are looking for and seeking to meet recruiters to land your dream job? If that’s you, this year will radically transform your architecture & professional life..

To ensure a high quality experience, each cohort is limited to only 20 students. 

You bet! Each certificate is issued with a unique ID number that you can share with future employers, list on your CV, LinkedIn and all professional platforms. This ID will be used by the recruiters on our website to show your work, skills gained, experiences done, projects built, the experts involved and companies worked with. We’ve design the program alongside leading employers in the architecture field. Impressing them is guaranteed.

Not at all, we’ve designed the program to be outside working/learning hours. (After 5 pm Dubai time during the weekdays and Saturday mornings)

Start by clicking on the “Apply” button  which will take you to the application page. Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email within the next 48 hours if you’re moving to the next round which is the interview. After the interview is complete and our team agrees to have you on-board, you will receive an email welcoming you to the program! 🎉 – You will then be sent a link to submit the first instalment to officially claim your seat. 

Mindset & character. The interview is the main phase of decision for us. If you’re someone who wants to leave their mark in the world, eager to work with leading architecture teams and open to solving challenges creatively, we want you in the cohort! 

Every program has a waiting list and so will this. If all seats are already reserved, you will be added to the waiting list. If one of the registered candidates cancels their registration for some reason or emergency, we will give the first one on the waiting list the opportunity to enroll. That’s why we always encourage to reserve your seat as soon as possible.

If admitted into the program, you will be given the option to either submit the full payment or split in different instalment throughout the year. You will receive all the details in the acceptance email. Our main payment methods are online through our website or via bank transfer.

The majority of the program is online. However we will be having some physical immersions throughout the year. The final week is physical and will take place in London.

No worries, all of the sessions will be recorded in order not to miss any content.

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