How to manage your time as an architecture student?

Karen Aoun – April 23, 2021


No sleep, no free time, no social life, no getaways, …. Welcome to the life of an architecture student 🙂 But wait a second! What if you could manage to do all of that and still be at the top of your class. Here’s some quick tips on how to manage your time as an architecture student.

  1- Cut off distractions

Cell phones and social media could be a huge distraction if we don’t control them. So before sitting down to study, try to turn off your phone, or place it in a different room, and close all the tabs on your computer that are not related to what you’re working on. Trust me this will save you a lot of time to focus on your studies.

  2- Avoid multitasking

When you’re multitasking, you’re shifting context from one task to another, and it takes your brain time to do so, it’s actually more stressful and less productive. And studies have shown that it takes longer to do two tasks simultaneously than one at a time. So focus on single-tasking, this will increase your productivity, lower your stress level, and make you enjoy what you’re doing.

  3- Use your calendar

Make sure to write down all the dues dates! By simply doing that, you can understand when it’s time to study and when you have time to relax. We all have the tendency sometimes to “wing it”, and when we relax we find ourselves stressing and feeling guilty as we are unsure if this is the right thing to do. So by organizing your due dates on a calendar, you can enjoy a guilt-free relaxation

  4- To do list

Your calendar is very useful for long-term goals. But it is also crucial to manage your time day by day. I personally prefer to write down everything I have to do the next day before I go to sleep, so I can wake up motivated to do everything on the check list.

  5- Get enough sleep

As architecture students, we make a lot of memes about being sleep deprived. And to be honest it’s true…but it shouldn’t be! Getting enough sleep is essential for your brain activity. The hours of sleep you get at night depend on how you used your day. If you follow the previous steps, chances are you’ll probably get to sleep at night like a baby for like 8 hours…8 hours! waw

  6- Reward yourself

While writing your to-do-list, never forget to mention your break times. It is very important to get up every 1 or 2 hours to stretch a little bit, drink water, or even go for a walk. When you do so, you’ll realize your productivity will increase a lot when you come back for round 2

  Hopefully after following these tips you’ll find time to live your life to the max. And never forget that no matter how important your studies are, your mental and physical health always come first. So don’t hesitate to press pause for a little while and then come back stronger, we all need it sometimes 🙂


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