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Gritnova Global Campus

We are a challenger university disrupting the traditional higher education model. A new model that is efficient and effective that results in a much higher ROI to the time invested. 

We create learning programs to equip young professionals around the world with cutting edge skills in emerging fields. 

Our programs are cohort based and consist of 20 bright students selected from several cities around the world who are just graduating.

Why you?

We value real-life skills. What works in the actual field of work is very different than textbooks. And thus instead of getting on-board Professors who teach full time, we on-board creative professionals who are actively working & innovating in the field of work and love to give back and share their experience impacting people within their field. These are the people who young adults learn best from.

In all of our programs, we select a diverse team of industry professionals, from juniors who started new in the industry all the way to Directors who are leading Fortune 500 companies. 

Why join

  • Change professional lives around the world.
    They say we are valued by the impact we create on others. These young adults are about to enter a critical phase in their lives and even the smallest tips on direction would massively shape their professional lives.
  • Be part of a global community of experts.
    We do international experts meetup each year in a different city. A great professional and fun way to meet incredible minds around the world who are working on cutting edge projects!
  • Time-friendly involvement.  Nothing conflicts with work hours and maximum involvement rate is once per week.
  • Develop a new skill. Yes you as well will be developing skills in effective transfer of knowledge and experience. Skill & character development is a critical skill for team leadership.
  • A space to experiment with crazy innovative ideas and projects
    Since we run on a project based model, this gives the instructors the space to give out creative and impactful projects for students to work on that both upskills them and also send out a meaningful message to a community, city or cause!

The involvement

Head of Community Growth at Gritnova

One impactful session: 

– 30 minutes online inspirational interactive talk with the students.

Series of sessions: 

– One session per week (Each session is 1hr 15mins)
– Scheduled after work hours or Saturdays.
– Online sessions through Zoom 
– No slides needed to be prepared. This is a project based program meaning that the students will be working on projects and you would be more of a mentor guiding them throughout the experience. 

The involvement is compensated of course.

Our latest addition to our experts network.

We started Gritnova to open the minds of millions, broaden their horizon and allow young adults to explore the frontier of human advancement and innovation. Integrating our programs has a lasting impact on students’ mindset. A mindset that is global. A mindset that is inspired by the very best. A mindset that is eager to create value in the world and push the human race forward.

Lysandre Follet

Computational Design Director

Lysandre FOLLET is a recognized and leading Industrial Designer, Creative Technologist, Artist, Musician and Innovator.  

Over the last decade within Nike’s Innovation Design Studio, Lysandre has pioneered the use of Generative Design, incubating & building the industry’s first team of cutting-edge multidisciplinary creatives who focus on defining Nike’s future products and creative processes living at the intersection of design, digital craft, art, data and science, co-creating bespoke peak-performance products with the world’s best athletes.

Kristina Goncharov

Head of strategy 
Terreform ONE

Kristina is a Smart Places professional with a diverse background in Architecture, Engineering and Data Science. She strives to formally combine the worlds of Architecture and Technology, and has previously driven global smart workplace strategies for bulge bracket investment banks and world-leading smart destinations. Her work ranges from emerging market clean energy development, deep analytics of the US EV market, sustainability-led architectural projects and cost consulting for smart buildings.

Will Campion

Sustainable Architecture
Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Campion founded and grew his practice while studying Architecture at the University of Bath and the University of Cambridge, eventually returning to tutor and lecture at each institution with the vision to create Sustainable Luxury Architecture. At the completion of his third award-winning project, Orchard House, Will Campion was only 25 years old. At this young age, Campion has won awards and worked at internationally acclaimed practices such as FCBS and BIG, amassing global experience on projects in New York City, London, Cambridge, Hong Kong, Orlando, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Riyadh.

Nicolas Turchi

Parametric Designer
Zaha Hadid Architects

Nicolas Turchi is a designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, an Adjunct Professor in Computational and Parametric Design at the University of Bologna and the Polytechnic of Milan. Nicolas holds a Master in Architecture II from the Harvard Graduate School of Design

Before joining ZHA, he worked in several international firms including Peter Eisenman Architects, Xefirotarch, Mario Cucinella Architects and 5+1AA. Nicolas is particularly interested in emergent technologies

Be part of the story and impact thousands in your professional career.

Give it a try. The effect on the students will guarantee that you’ll love it.

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We strive to create global life changing experiences that push individuals to leave a mark in this world.

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