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The ‘Entrepreneurship Fundamentals’ program which takes place in the heart of London, is packed with workshops, visits and strategic experiences to equip you with the most up to date skills to enter the entrepreneurship world. Learn from the very best how to turn your idea into a successful business. 
By joining the program you’ll enjoy: 

  • Exclusive visits to Google and Facebook to meet with the team, learn more about emerging technologies and know how how they hire and what skills are in high demand. 
  • Startup Ideation & validation workshops by world experts to acquire best strategies to turn your idea into a viable global business.
  • Gain a competitive advantage and open global opportunities by building your strategic network.
  • Join a dynamic and diverse cohort of young professionals interested to start their own entrepreneurial path

This program is designed for:

  • Current university students or recent graduates interested to expand their skill sets and knowledge about entrepreneurship
  • Young adults who want to learn how to turn an idea into a viable business from the best experts in the world.
  • Investors & professionals associated with startups, accelerators, incubators and universities who want to expand their experience on how to build and grow startups.

Learn from no one but the best pioneers in the world

Partners involved in the program:


Day 1:

accelerators & Incubators

In the first day, we will go to the place where startups and ideas are born: Incubators & Accelerators.
We will start at one of the best incubators in London, and learn  about the very first steps founders should do when they have an idea pop in their head. 

After that we will visit Founders Factory, one of the best accelerators globally. The team will be talking about how to start and validate an idea, examples of bad business mindsets, mistakes to avoid and tips to ensure a successful global growth.

ideation workshop

While at Founders Factory, we will be split into groups and an ideation workshop will kick-off toending with pitching in front of industry experts!

Day 2: 

Early Stage Startups

After startups go through an acceleration program, and raise funds, they’re ready to take their MVP and get their product/service to the world. In the 2nd day, we’ll be visiting early stage startups in London in various sectors. The entrepreneurs we will meet will show us the real side of entrepreneurship; The challenges they go through, the advantages and perks they get, what to expect when deciding to start a business, what mistakes to avoid and learnings they acquired through their journey.

This is a valuable time spent with entrepreneurs as the lessons shared will save a lot of time and money otherwise wrongly spent. And set the mindset and strategies to a solid successful roadmap. 

Day 3:

Angel Investors

If you’re building a startup and want to grow it fast and globally, you’ll need investors. The first kind of investors the founder go to are usually angel investor. Individuals who believe in you and your vision and invest their personal money to help you kick your business off.
We will start this day with a workshop from a network of angel investors in London, focused on how to be positioned in a way to attract investors. It’s crucial to know how investors think when investing in a startup. You will acquire through this session different techniques and ways of thinking that helps position your startup to attract angels so that money wouldn’t be a problem. 

Venture Capitals

After building your product and proving that the world needs it and clients love it, it’s time to raise millions of dollars and scale globally. This is where venture capitals or VCs come in. This is how almost all successful businesses grew. But raising this significant amount of money is not easy and most entrepreneurs struggle to get it right. This is why we have dedicated this session to know the exact steps to raise and attract VCs and learn from success stories & failures. Besides, it’ll open our mind to where the money is going in the world right now, what trends are growing, and discover opportunities to invest time and effort in.

Day 4: 

Growth Stage starups

When startups successfully raise their series A round, it’s time to grow. Growing a service/product is different than building it. It has its own challenges and methods to do so. In this day, we will visit startups who built meaningful and in-demand product that the market loves and are now expanding worldwide. This gives a strategic image into the different routes a business can take to grow, how to tackle new markets and manage a global team.

Day 5:

Tech Giants

If companies succeed in growing their business globally and deliver value to the world. They become giants, just like Google and Facebook.
Google and Facebook are leading the fourth industrial revolution that we’re witnessing. As a result revolutionizing jobs. We will visit both Google and Facebook offices in London to meet with the team, learn more about emerging technologies and how they’re shaping our future.

More importantly, the teams will be unveiling the skills they look for when they hire their employees and will show the group how to acquire the skills to be potentially recruited in tech giants and succeed professionally.

Besides, these visits are very fun and memorable

A Program Designed For Students Who Want To Stand Out And Succeed Globally

Program includes:

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To preserve quality and experience, this program has limited seats.
Only upon submitting the deposit will your seat be reserved. 
The 2nd payment will be due 4 months before the time of the trip.

1st Payment- deposit: $100.00 
2nd Payment: $1,500.00 

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We’re closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the world and are working tirelessly to provide safety, flexibility, and value as we focus on the future of educational travel.

If quarantine remains till February 2021, the program will be postponed. In this case, you have the option to keep your seat for the new dates or cancel and get a full refund. 

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