Rand Al Najjar – May 11, 2021

Kindness is interpreted and carried out in various ways: some of them that occur as part of a developed habit and others that require you to take extra steps to yield a long lasting satisfaction that never fades away, such as charity organisations. Some of the habits include smiling at people, helping out a person in need or, perhaps, cooking up something random that could potentially change another person’s perspective or even alleviate some of the stresses that they could have developed earlier in their day. However, this can also have a long lasting effect. Small things always matter, and we need to start with small, effective steps that do not only nourish the receiver but also the source, yourself.


Planting a seed of ‘happiness for others’ within ourselves grows widespread roots of honesty, love, loyalty, warmth, modesty and devotion. Watering these strengths with continuous positivity, good and healthy relationships and respectful attitude will produce a ripe, juicy and odourful clementine, which is a metaphor for the kind version of yourself. Why should I be as kind as a clementine you ask? In its nature, clementine’s are a sharing type of fruit. When was the last time someone shared one with you or you have done the same? This fruit is easy going and leaves a beautiful scent, effect, on every person it touches. Just like a kind person: sweet, soft and their good deeds are aromatic and attract the good in people. They wish for others what they wish for themselves and are free of the bitter seeds of envy, harm and negativity.



What do I get in return for my good deed? A clementine is giving but does not expect anything in return. Actually, without you realizing you are creating around yourself a magnetic field that indirectly attracts the goodwill instilled in others and where the outcomes are not ranged. Why should I be kind? Being a kind person is a personal development: it requires mental strength, acceptance, empathy and realism. “ I am strong, and I wanted to show others that they can be strong as well”, “I wanted to print the image that while life is difficult it is still giving and good still exists”, “I wished to provide an overwhelmed person with hope as a reminder that opportunities still exist and paths of success can be paved”. Personally, I like to give when I am feeling low. Knowing that you have done something positive and you have cheered someone up waters my clementine roots and rewards me with satisfaction and happiness.

A good world depends on every individual to plant, nourish and share the positive yields of humanity. We live to celebrate each other’s happiness and encourage growing potentials that have shied away due to lack of confidence. We can all certainly be as kind as a clementine.


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