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The ‘Cities of the future’ program which takes place in the heart of London, is packed with workshops, visits, strategy planning and experiences to showcase some cutting edge technologies and methods that are being used in one of the smartest cities in the world. 

  • Explore how London is managed, how mayors and professionals think about their city and take a glimpse of some future plans.
  • Learn from first-hand experiences of the world’s leading cities of how transformation takes place with on-ground action plans
  • Build a roadmap and a strategy to advance your city and create a smart, high quality of life and sustainable environment.
  • Join a dynamic and diverse cohort of young professionals interested to enter the field of mobility and put their mark in this fast growing sector.

This program is designed for:

  • City mayors 
  • Professionals working in city developments
  • Investors & consultant associated in building smart cities 

Learn from no one but the best pioneers in the world

Partners involved in the program:


Day 1:  City Hall

Introduction to ‘Smarter London Together’

Smarter London Together is the Mayor’s strategy to transform London into the smartest city in the world. It addresses the Mayor’s commitment to better digital services, open data, connectivity, digital inclusion, cyber-security, innovation, and City Hall’s plan for growth of our city to more than 11 million residents by 2050.

Economics Of Managing a smart city

Cities all around the world are making the move towards the smart vision and there’s a reason besides improving the quality of life. There are actual economic benefits when undergoing the transition towards a smart city. In this session we’ll see what economic benefits are tied to the successful implementation of a smart city. Starting from knowing how to strategically allocate resources, plan spendings & expenses and creating revenue streams that weren’t possible before. A successful implementation of a smart city program is consistently proving that it is the most strategic economic decision the city ever makes.


Convenience and ease of doing business with the government is a key foundation to building any smart city.  Working towards an e-government is a primary goal. It presents tremendous opportunities to deliver cost-effective government services, reduce bureaucracy and improve citizens’ daily transactions.

Day 2 & 3: The Digital Foundation

Connecting the City

The new Connected London programme sets out the Mayor’s ambition to achieve ubiquitous gigabit-capable digital connectivity and to prepare London for the roll out of 5G. An important way of achieving a more connected city is through the mobilisation of public land, buildings and smaller assets. In the future, sharing data between infrastructure owners –  TfL, utilities, real estate –  will help connectivity providers build their networks more cheaply and easily and Londoners will be less disrupted by building and street works.

IOT: Collecting Data & Monitoring The City

IoT is an essential technology without which smart city initiatives cannot exist. The “things” of the IoT━devices, sensors, applications━collect the data that enables the technology solutions to be effective.

Data Analytics for City Management  

Raw data often doesn’t tell you anything until it has been presented in a meaningful way. Analyzing the data collected, finding patterns, peaks and more is critical for decision making and a more strategic way to lead a city. This is where cities detect fatal problems and find opportunities to innovate. The secret in any successful city is in wise data analytics.

Open Data to the citizens 

The London Datastore has been created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as a first step towards freeing London’s data. They want everyone to be able access the data that the GLA and other public sector organisations hold, and to use that data however they see fit – for free. The GLA is committed to using its connections and influence to request  other public sector organisations into releasing their data here too, and it’s an objective backed strongly by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

Digital Safety: The Cybersecurity Strategy

This strategy will coordinate innovation and resilience across London’s business community and public services in order to better protect our citizens. The more widespread use of networked devices, such as sensors, and the move to the cloud represents a fundamental change in infrastructure, meaning the city and its public services need to be more responsive and collaborative in order to counter new cyber-threats. To take advantage of London’s strengths as a cybersecurity tech sector, the Mayor is committed to developing a new approach for the city.

Day 4:

Smart Mobility 

Public Transport: Mobility is critical to get right in every city that aims to become a smart one. This improves overall efficiency, environment and quality of life. The target of the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy is to have 80% of all journeys be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041.
In this day we will visit Transport For London, the integrated transport authority responsible to run the day-to-day operation of the Capital’s public transport network and manage London’s main roads. 

Attracting Innovative Mobility Solutions: From E-scooters, self driving vehicles, to flying taxis and more. We will be going over all means of ways to move people and things in the future. 

City Initiatives & projects

Creating an innovative culture: It’s crucial for the city to allow all its citizens to access quality training programs to provide them with relevant skills needed for its growth and overall economy. For this reason, London created the “Skills for Londoners” strategy to make sure all Londoners have the opportunity to train in the skills our economy needs. This ensures that young people and adults can access the careers information, advice and guidance they need. This also helps young people to develop the skills for digital, tech and creative jobs.
Creating an innovative culture doesn’t stop here, London announced “The Young Entrepreneurs” which is a project that aims to prepare, coach and support young people (18 – 24 years old) in the planning and development of a startup.

Engaging the citizens: Allow citizens at your city to engage in creating solutions. This will demonstrate an incredible sense of belonging to the city. 
London launched the Civic Innovation Challenge (CIC). The challenges are designed to help tackle some of the most pressing issues for Londoners, including accessing affordable housing, reducing the harmful effect of dementia, cleaning up our air by promoting electric vehicles and helping people lead healthier, more active lives by increasing their physical activity.

Day 5:

Developing an action plan for your city

This is a big day, where we will be taking all learnings from the previous 4 days on how London transitioned into one of the world’s smartest city, and apply the same mindset and framework into your city. 
This is a hands-on practical workshop to define what are your next steps upon going back. Defining your strategy, goals, and a solid action plan to elevate your city and increase your ranking in the world’s smartest cities

Learning from cities who successfully implemented a smart city program is the first step. Innovating, transforming and elevating your own city to a new level is the real impactful work.

It's an opportunity to leave a mark on a city
and how people live forever.

Program includes:

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We’re closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the world and are working tirelessly to provide safety, flexibility, and value as we focus on the future of educational travel.

If quarantine remains till February 2021, the program will be postponed. In this case, you have the option to keep your seat for the new dates or cancel and get a full refund. 

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