Carving a different meaning of Fitness Freak

Ramsha Niaz Ahmed – May 10, 2021

All my life I have come across many folks who judge each other by their looks and figure with sudden exclamation ,’Oh wow! You look fit! I am sure you must be hitting the gym daily.’ In contrast, when you look at someone in trouble searching for resources, cracking their heads to find that solution whilst weathering the burden, they exclaim  ‘Oh my that girl has been slogging all day!’ But where is that ‘she is one fit and strong person’ compliment? Nope, not there.


For many years, we picture the term ‘Fitness’ from one angle ie your physique. There are many people who have a chiseled body, bulked muscles, non-protruding tummy and just the right BMI. What is that person labelled as? Fitness Freak! However, those people are sometimes not wary of how to deal with their personal problems, often getting agitated and burned up. But did you know being a fitness freak also highlights another very crucial element for your overall well being? Emotional Health! 


If you are emotionally healthy,you are able to cope up with hurdles in life. You will be able to view your problems in perspective and bounce back from setbacks. When you are stuck in a situation, you are aware of your emotions. You will feel happy, sad, depressed depending on every scenario which enables you to reinforce your inner energy, improve your character and prepare you for other crazy challenges life will throw at you. 


In an article “Are you willing to face the tiger?”, by Denny Bucket Jr, CEO of Assemble, we learn that every entrepreneur is a tiger who comes in many forms wherein there may be a crisis emerging from a natural phenomenon or they may be stuck in a financial, technological, or ethical crisis. Whatever the cause is, the key point noted is that the entrepreneur who wants to run his business should not just survive but also thrive and is willing to confront bigger challenges with that risk-taking mindset. Downplaying the risk—or turning away from the danger altogether—is one way towards the disaster tunnel. Not facing the tiger means missing out on opportunities and leaving those in the hands of the competitors. So if you have noticed, Denny is trying to explain the ways in which an entrepreneur channels his emotions in every phase of the situation by:


Being prepared for the worst to help the organization stay on the toes before an actual emergency causes more problems. This enables organizations to scan the path for threats and prepare for them in advance.

Being transparent and aware of each other’s weaknesses from a personal and organizational level. Research claims that leaders who practice vulnerability are likely to inspire and build a bond with their team members leading to better performance in work.



From here, it is clear that it is important to exercise not only your body but also your emotions. Your mind has muscles to contract, maintain its flexibility and stamina to get the work done. This way you are able to react to things from various angles to avoid conflicts and misunderstanding. 


To sum things up,  


Fitness Freak —–> Physical Health + Emotional Health => Salubrious + Content Life 🙂


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