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We are a global started Gritnova to open the minds of millions, broaden their horizon and allow young adults to explore the frontier of human advancement and innovation. Integrating our programs has a lasting impact on students’ mindset. A mindset that is global. A mindset that is inspired by the very best. A mindset that is eager to create value in the world and push the human race forward. 

Farah Ali

American University in Dubai
Dubai, UAE

Heyooooo! I’m a colourful – quite literally as my hair is in bright neons – architecture student interested in algorithmic design and holding VERY passionate debates on whether “they were on a break” or not (spoiler, THEY WERE NOT ಠ_ಠ ) Aside from being an avid meme lover and maker, I’m also a Hufflepuff and a self-proclaimed skateboarder. What I really want to do in the future is use my passion for speaking and educating as a means for women’s rights activism! Oh and, I PREACH ‘unprofessionalism’ and being unapologetically yourself :^)

Sunna Guloyeva

American University of Dubai
Dubai, UAE

Sunna, a very poetic writer, who writes from her experiences, and you may see a lot of her articles based on philosophy and life in general.  She is currently a Senior student at the American University in Dubai. Majoring in International Relations at the AUD has armed her with a profound understanding of various disciplines, including politics, philosophy, psychology, creative writing and more. Four years spent at the American University in Dubai has helped Sunna hone her analytical and writing skills and uncover her true passions in life— writing and exploring the world.

Jenny Kendall

Independent Ambassador 
London, UK

Hi, I’m Jenny a smiley, curly haired student from the University of Nottingham. You can usually find me with a sketchbook in one hand and a coffee in the other. I love sharing tips and tricks with fellow students and archi lovers on my Instagram @j.k_architecture , where I also post behind the scenes content from my latest uni projects. I’m really excited to represent GritNova and be a part of this learning community.

Carina Joseph Gritnova

Carina Joseph

Lebanese American University
Byblos, Lebanon

My name is Carina Joseph, I am a second year Architecture student at the Lebanese American University. I love joining many communities and activities around me! I am currently the secretary of AIAS LAU, and also part of the international Social Justice Task Force for AIAS International. I genuinely enjoy the Model Simulation programs in my university where we teach young students how to embody conferences just like the United Nations or the Arab League. I’m not really a big fan of sweets but sure do love some salty snacks! (Salt & Vinegar for life). I can’t wait to see our own Gritnova Community grow even more.

Dana Natour

American University of Sharjah
Sharjah, UAE

Hey everyone! My name is Dana. I’m a proud Palestinian and I major in finance and minor in actuarial maths at the American University of Sharjah. I’m very passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and maths. I’m also a lover of the written word and literature is another passion of mine. Meeting new people, having important conversations, and forming communities are all experiences I seek and learn so much from. I’m so proud to be a part of the Gritnova Community and as the first ambassador, it is incredibly thrilling and satisfying to watch our community grow larger week by week!

Rakshita Jotangia

Heriot-Watt University

A student currently studying accounting and finance to become an auditor or Forensic Accountant. An enthusiastic social media geek who loves talking to individuals who are keen on sharing their experiences and life. Told be approachable by many as I am the most talkative person. Love to try on new challenges and ideas as well as love cooking!

Roufaida Tabet

University of Sharjah
Sharjah, UAE

Hello! My name is Roufaida. I am a mass communication student, and i love to create content. A fun fact about me is that I never lived in my homeland, Algeria – I am what you call a third cultured child, which I think in many ways influenced my choice of study! Being a part of Gritnova’s ambassador team has been and still is so much fun! It allows me to spread awareness and educate and inform about Mass Communication topics and all that resolves around it!

Rand Al Najjar

Independent Ambassador

Hello, my name is Rand Al-Najjar, and I am an Architectural Engineering graduate from Cardiff University, U.K. My nationality is Jordanian, and I am currently residing in U.A.E. I am a big fan of art, drawing with charcoal and Sia! A lover of Arabic poetry, complex puzzles and horror and mystery stories!

Karen Aoun

Holy Spirit University of Kaslik 
Beirut, Lebanon

Hey it’s Karen from Lebanon. I’m an architect student at  USEK and I’m very passionate about my major. I like to spend my time painting and reading poetry. I’m very sociable and love to meet new people.

Ramsha Ahmed

Manipal University
Dubai, UAE

Being from a computer science background, Ramsha takes pride in other activities such as photography, dancing, cycling and blog writing and travelling. Her day is incomplete if she does not learn new things that come along her way. New things can be anything that appeals to her interest and understanding. A quote she believes in: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. 

Safaa Laalaoui

Ajman University
Ajman, UAE

I’m Safaa! I’m a Marketing Student with a cup full of Coffee and a soul full of wonderment. I have a thrill to learn everything the world offers. 

A message from Amy Fahey

Head of Community Growth at Gritnova

“Community plays an important part in building Gritnova. Our global community is an inclusive and empowering space for people who are looking to be appreciated and inspired. It is our way of adding value by providing resources, support and empowering others. The Gritnova community values individuality, creativity and passion. These come in all shapes and sizes and they are all welcome here. 


Our ambassador network has played a huge role in establishing this community and we’re constantly expanding. The beautiful thing about community is that it means something different to everyone and we encourage you to leave your individual mark in ours.”

The Role of the Ambassador

1. The ambassador represents Gritnova in their community/campus through solid online & Social media presence. They spread awareness of the professional & global programs offered by leading companies and inspire the students around them to stand out by letting them know about our latest programs.

2. Ambassadors create strategic collaborations with university clubs and communities offering them discounts & organizing events together.

3. Participate in weekly Ambassador meetings, and create micro blogs sharing your thoughts and experience as a student.

Who is eligible to apply

If you want to be part of building a global campus that challenges the traditional model of higher education and you’re excited to inspire your community with creative and global learning experiences, we’d love to have you on-board!

Gritnova’s Ambassadors program is free to join for any student who’s currently enrolled in a university, active on social media, believes in our mission and has the energy & creativity to push other students to achieve more in their professional lives.

Perks of being an Ambassador

  • As an Ambassador get 30% discount on any of our programs for yourself!
  • We love to spoil all of our ambassadors with branded gifts that you’ll love 😉
  • You get access to our global ambassadors network where we host several meetups & events
  • You get social media awareness & recognition!
  • A great leadership development experience that will look solid on your CV!

Interested to become part of our global ambassador family?

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