About us

Why did we launch Gritnova?


We started Gritnova to open the minds of millions, broaden their horizon and allow young adults to explore the frontier of human advancement and innovation. Integrating our programs has a lasting impact on students’ mindset. A mindset that is global. A mindset that is inspired by the very best. A mindset that is eager to create value in the world and push the human race forward. 


Meet the team

A diverse, global, experienced and insanely passionate team uniting to create effective learning experiences that challenges traditional education models.

Ibrahim Ezz

Founder & Learning Experience designer

Amy Fahey


Will Campion


Ana Paula Mendes


Nicolas Turchi

Computational design program development

Antonio Chidiac

Business program development

Kristian Babic


Rachel Darakji

urban planning pROGRAM DEVELOPMENT

Fabio Grilli


Ralf Steinhauer


David Green


Majd Ibrahim

programs manager

Our mission

Our mission is to create one global campus, not limited to a city, where  young adults around the world have the equal opportunity to acquire cutting edge skills from leading industry experts in a re-designed effective model for higher education.

What does Gritnova mean?

Gritnova is the merge of ‘grit’ & ‘nova’

Grit is having the passion and perseverance to achieve a long-term and meaningful goal.

Nova is an astronomical term which describes the event where a faint star shows a sudden large increase in its brightness to become visible to the naked eye in the night sky. 

When you look at the sky at night, you can see that some stars are visible, strong and bright. But there are billions of unseen stars due to their very faint light. They exist but you can’t tell.

Gritnova is to say that each one of us has the compositions to be a bold shining star, we just need to have grit. When we put the hard work and sweat to achieve a meaningful goal, we shine. This is how we prove to the world that we exist.